Gandhi's 52 in 2014 Challenge

My 52 items to complete in the new year. Updated weekly to showcase my progress.

Health/Well Being

1. Reach my target weight of 85 kg. Need to lose 20 Kg (-3/20).
2. Log a 500 km cumulative walking distance on RunKeeper (164/500)
3. Sign up and run a 5K event.
4. Go for a morning walk at least 3 times a week (73/156)


5. Go to Hong Kong/Macau.
6. Go to Cameron Highlands.
7. Go on a cycling trip to Pulau Ubin with the wife.
8. Go for a trek to Bukit Timah with the wife.
9. Go for a trek to MacRitchie Reservoir Park.
10. Visit LegoLand in Johor Bahru
11. Visit 5 new attractions in Singapore (2/5)
      St. John's Island - Pictures (6/22)


12. Spend no more than $5 for lunch for an entire week. Have at least 12 such weeks in the year (2/12).
13. Complete the 52 Week Money Challenge (17/52).
14. Complete the Monthly Money Challenge (4/12).
15. Pay myself $10 for every task completed in this challenge. (1/52)
16. Pay all my Credit Card Debt

Family & Friends

17. Go on intimate date nights with the wife more often. One every month at least (8/12)
- Dinner at Paul (01/10)
- Lunch at Sofra (03/02)
- Dinner at Charlie's Tapas Bar (03/31)
- Dinner at Trattoria (04/11)
- Dinner and movie (04/17)
- Dinner at Herbivore (07/23)
- Lunch at Viva Mexico and Movie (08/24) 
- Dinner at 313 Somerset and movie (09/24)

18. Get a professional couple photograph taken of the wife and I.
19. Host at least one movie marathon at home.
20. Call/Skype with family back home at least once a week (24/52)
21. Go out with friends at least once a month (11/12)

Hobbies & Interests

22. Go for a photo walk every month (3/12).
Vietnam (January)
St. John's Island (June)
Krabi (September)
23. Submit my photos to a contest.


24. Read 24 books (9/24).
25. Complete the following books before buying any new ones
A Dance With Dragons
The Wolf Of Wall Street
Last Train to Istanbul
Trojan Horse
Dongri To Dubai
26. Read at least 6 Non-Fiction books (1/6).


27. Write at least 2 blog posts each month (13/24).
28. Additionally blog weekly monthly about the progress of “Gandhi’s 52 Things In 2014 Challenge” (5/52) (5/12)

Self Improvement

29. Journal 5 times a week (117/260).
30. Take a selfie every-week (34/52). 
- Link to Flickr Set
31. Create a time-lapse of selfie images. Participate in a 52 week photo challenge (33/52).
32. Go a week without eating any junk food. Have at least 6 such weeks (2/6).
33. Go to bed before 11:00 PM for a week.
34. Don’t stay in the same role at work by the end of the year.
Moved to another organisation and am now working on the Project Management Team

TV & Movies (This list may grow as we go along)

35. Catch-up/ Complete watching the following TV Shows -
Boardwalk Empire
Breaking Bad (07/14)
Californication (Currently on Season 1)
Downton Abbey
Dexter (Currently On Season 7)
White Collar (Currently On Season 4)
Burn Notice (Currently On Season 7)
House Of Cards - UK (Currently on Season 2)
House Of Cards - US (All Caught up!)

36. Re-Watch all episodes of the following TV shows -
That 70s Show (Finished on 01/20)
The Practice (Currently on Season 2)
The Wonder Years (Currently on Season 3)
The West Wing (Currently on Season 6)
Lost (Finished on 04/02)
Malcolm In The Middle (05/29)

37. Watch 12 new movies released in 2014 (16/12)
- Highway 
- Lucy
      - The Maze Runner
      - Daawat-e-Ishq
      - Khoobsurat
      - Bang Bang
      - Haider
      - Gone Girl
      - The Judge

38. Watch the following critically acclaimed movies -
Apocalypse Now (watched on 06/27)
The Wrestler
Raging Bull
Lawrence Of Arabia
Amadeus (watched on 06/29)
Annie Hall
Fargo (watched 02/16)
Taxi Driver (watched 04/18)
My Left Foot
Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels (watched 05/01)
Trainspotting (watched 01/05)
The King’s Speech (watched 01/05)
There Will Be Blood (watched 01/19)
No Country For Old Men
Rush (watched 03/23)
Full Metal Jacket
Once Upon A Time In America


39. Donate Blood. (6/20)
40. Sell/Donate excess electronics and gadgets
- Sold the old iPad 2 and Galaxy Note 8 tablets
- Sold the entire DSLR kit (01-Sep)

New Experiences

41. Eat at 1 new restaurant every month (14/12).
PAUL (Jan)
Sofra (March)
Rang Mahal (March)
MTR 1924 (April)
Viva Mexico (August)
      Piedra Negra (September)
      Kith Cafe (October)
      Song Of India (October)

42. Watch at least 1 musical.
43. Get a Tattoo.
44. Learn to mix a new cocktail every month (5/12)
- Gin Fizz
- Malibu Sunrise
- Mountain Sunrise
- Bo's Space Roo
- Orange Margarita

45. Sketch more often.

46. Cook one new recipe each month (7/12).
- Fettuccine with Spicy Tomato Sauce
- Two Bean Chilli (no meat)
- Lettuce Onion Relish Ciabatta Sandwich
- Easy Beer Beans
- Mexican Rice
- Bread Upma
- Quick & Easy Ramen
 - Stir Fry Noodles

47. Learn to play poker
48. Learn to make mulled wine.

Purchases & Collections

49. Get a Mac Mini (Gifted by the wife on my birthday!!!)
50. Build Blu Ray disc collection with one new addition each month (9/12).
Saving Private Ryan
Annie Hall
Shahrukh Khan Blockbusters Volume 2
Classics Forever Yash Chopra
Lawrence of Arabia
P.S. I Love You
Meet Joe Black

51. Upgrade to a new DSLR camera body.
Got a Fujifilm X-E2 mirrorless camera in September
52. Make a new List for 52 Things in 2015 Challenge!

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